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Featured Product:

Featured Product

Featured Product: The WAG™

Featured Product

If you want stronger and quicker hands then you must train to have stronger and quicker hands. WAG™ (Weighted Agility Gloves) allows for high velocity training during sports specific movements.

    * Strengthens hands, fingers, wrists and forearms up to 40%
    * Increases quickness by 5-20%
    * Useful in over 40 sports and physical therapy
    * Enhances agility, coordination, and dexterity
    * Faster sprinting/running

Top Selling Products:

Top Selling Products


Draz Athletics: Train your game!™

Draz Athletics

Draz Athletics specializes in providing innovative products for improving athletic performance and therapy rehabilitation.

 Our cutting-edge products include training aids, equipment, and methodology designed to maximize the potential of an athlete's performance, aid in prevention of injuries, faster recovery from injuries and relief of chronic pain.

World record holder...what a 469 drive looks like:

World record holder...what a 469 drive looks like


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"Two Champion endorses of Draz Athletics-Bobby Wilson all time money winner and Ryan Winther, 469 yard drive.:

Both have been using the Weighted Agility Gloves extensively...


It is our mission to produce products that will improve an athlete's overall performance and give those who suffer from chronic pain/injuries a better quality of life. We stand behind our products and if you are not satisfied with them we will offer a 100% refund.