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Baseball Training Products

Product Spotlight: The WAG™

Product Spotlight

The WAG™(Weighted Agility Glove) is the ONLY finger weighted training glove in the world. The WAG™ allows the player to add resistance while retaining the sport specific motion. Wear it while you practice your batting and during your fielding drills and watch your game improve.

Use the WAGs for:
  • Baseball hitting drills
  • Baseball infielder drills
  • Increase baseball bat speed
  • Baseball pitching mechanics and form

The results you will see are:
  • Higher batting average
  • More home runs
  • Faster pitches, more throwing velocity
  • Better movement on pitches
  • Enhance proper form and mechanics
  • Catch tougher grounders

see below for drills to use while wearing the WAG

The WAG™: Baseball Drill Videos

The WAG™

Click Here for 30 Baseball Drills!


Click Here for 30 Baseball Drills!

Colorado Rockies uses the WAGs:

Colorado Rockies uses the WAGs

See how the Colorado Rockies use the WAGs to prevent injuries..
Click on the PDF to read the full article.

Minnesota Twins uses the WAGs :

Minnesota Twins uses the WAGs

See how Minnesota twins use the WAGs for at Bat Speed, click on the PDF to read the full article. 

The WAG™: Testimonials

The WAG™

"The Weighted Agility Gloves™ give any player an advantage by having resistance directly on the hands and fingers, which feels natural to the hitter. This helps to enhance bat speed as well as promote the proper and correct wing pattern."

- Bill Springman, Minnesota Twins
(Helped train: Torii Hunter, Joe Mauer, & David Ortiz)

"After using the Weighted Agility Gloves™ for 4 weeks, Carlos Rojas hit his first home run in 8 years of big league play. He is hitting the ball immensely harder than he ever has and I know there is a direct correlation between the use of the gloves and his rapid increase in power, because that is the only change in his training he made during that time period. There is no doubt this product has had a great impact on his improvement."
- Brad Komminsk, Bowie Baysox Baseball Team, AA Affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, Manager.
"After using the Weighted Agility Gloves™, my players felt muscles in their hands, wrists and forearms that they never knew they had. I feel the WAGs™ will be an instrumental training aid for our program."
- Gene Schultz, Lansing Kee High School, most wins in baseball history (1500 career wins) in the nation.