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Basketball Training Products

Featured Product: The WAG™

Featured Product


The Weighted Agility Gloves (WAGs) are  used and endorsed by Tim Grover, trainer to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade & other pro athletes.

The WAGs help pros, colleges and youth achieve: 
  •  Quicker cross-over dribble
  •  Better ball command
  •  Powerful defensive rebounds
  •  Offensive rebounding tip-ins
  •  Faster foot speed

Drills used by the pros to "train your game:"

  • Basketball dribbling drills
  • Basketball offensive rebounding drills
  • Basketball ball control drills
  • Basketball defensive rebounding drills
  • Basketball power drills

It is the only FINGER WEIGHTED glove designed to enhance finger, hand, wrist and forearm strength, speed, quickness, agility and dexterity.  If you want to have the quickest cross-over dribble, strongest hands to rebound & control the basketball, and fastest hands on defensive to steal the ball, this is the product to enhance all those movements & any other hand movements on the basketball court.

Along with the weights down every finger, the glove also has adjustable weights on the back of the hand.  The glove can increase strength up to 40% and quickness up to 20%

Along with the weight resistance on the fingers, the gloves reduce some of the touch and feel of the basketball, due to the material on the hands and fingers.  By denying partial sense of feel, other senses are enhanced to make athletes control the ball better.


Tim Grover - Trainer to:

  • Michael Jordan
  • Dwyane Wade
  • Kobe Bryant

See how Tim Grover uses the gloves in his training.


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"Draz Athletics Weighted Agility Gloves (WAG™'s) offer a great way to train all areas of an athlete's hand. Their use of weights for fingers is innovative. Training to have great hands can give athletes a great competitive advantage. I have incorporated WAG™'s into the training regiments of my professional clients."
-Tim Grover, President, Attack Athletics, Trainer to Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, and many more!


"My players and coaching staff are sold on the WAG™'s effectiveness. At St. Louis University we've implemented the WAG™'s in our strength and conditioning program. Our team has definitely seen and felt the benefits from the WAG™'s. We need an edge for our players, and the WAG™'s gives us that edge."
-Rick Majerus, Head Basketball Coach, St. Louis University


"We're constantly evolving. It's our job to stay cutting edge, it's really important to maintain a beginners mind set and be cutting edge with the training that's available. There is definitely a need in basketball for this training tool."
-Erick Schork, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Basketball, St. Louis University.