Football Training Products:

 Football Training Products

Featured Product: The WAG™

<br>Featured Product

The Wags help the pros, colleges and youth achieve higher performance:

  • Catch the tough passes
  • More sacks
  • Explode through your opponent
  • Shed off the defender
  • Protect the quarterback

Use these drills to "Train Your Game":

  • Football strike drills
  • Football catching drills
  • Football passing drills
  • Football punch drills
  • Football ladder drills
  • Football speed drills

Football training requires dedication and discipline the whole year.  The Wags are the ultimate football training product to train for stronger, quicker, more agile hands and foot speed training.  15 professional teams use the WAGs (especially in the off-season and during training camp) for punch drills, catching drills, ladder drills, strike drills, passing drills and plyometric drills to increase their performance .  If you want to train like the pros, you need to "train your game" with the WAGs.

Santonio Holmes uses the WAG™! Watch below



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"The gloves work small muscles that don't receive much attention in traditional training methods. If you use them, it gives you the impression you've got tired muscles in your fingers. Because training advancements have "equalized" athletes so much, it's crucial to be on the leading edge of training innovations."
-Mark Farley. Head Football Coach, University of Northern Iowa