Do you want longer drives? Faster club head speed? More touch/control? Improved mechanics? Added flexibility? We have the training tools you need to make your game the best it has ever been.

Golf Training Products:

Golf Training Products

Featured Product: The WAG™

<br>Featured Product

The WAG™ (Weighted Agility Glove) is the ONLY FINGER WEIGHTED glove in the world. By weighting the hands and fingers instead of the club you can add resistance while using the same club that you will be using in actual play.

  • Longer Drives
  • Faster club head speed
  • More touch/control
  • Improved mechanics
  • Added flexibility

The WAGs place the weight on the hands, so there is no "distal" weight that is associated with other training devices.   This makes the golfer have better balance and enhances a better swing pattern.  The true golfer makes improvements practicing off the course.  The WAGs are the ultimate training tool to develop your golf game.

"See below how to have the fastest clubhead speed in the world, also see the end of video for 20 drills in the gym to improve your game on the course."


World record holder...what a 469 drive looks like:

World record holder...what a 469 drive looks like

"Two Champion endorses of Draz Athletics-Bobby Wilson all time money winner and Ryan Winther, 469 yard drive.:

Both have been using the Weighted Agility Gloves extensively...



"The natural feel of these gloves helps me enhance my golf swing as well as helping me to increase forearm strength and hand speed, resulting in longer drives and better touch in the rough and around the greens."
-Ryan Winther, LDA Golf Pro, 167 mph club head speed


"As a golf instructor, I have used the weighted agility gloves to help eliminate the “over the top move” in the backswing by asking students to make a backswing and stop up top. With the extra weight, it helps the club return to the ball more from the inside from this stopped position. With a little bit of work and training, it helps eliminate this “over the top” move allowing for a more consistent ball flight.

With my female golfers, the gloves help train them to square the club through impact. Typically I will use a split grip for drill purposes to help train them but with the added weight of the gloves, this training is much easier. Not only do these gloves help with improving golf swings, but they are fantastic when used as a replacement for hand weights.

Try these gloves, they are great!"

Louis Davis - PGA Member