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Aerobics with the WAGs:

Aerobics with the WAGs

The Weighted Agility Gloves (WAGs) and the Ultimate Aerobic Gloves are great tool to help burn extra calories, tone arms, and add to core training. The WAGs (Weighted Agility Gloves) are the only finger weighted gloves in the world. They add extra resistance to a workout by weighing up to 3 lbs per glove, but they also adding muscle workout in the hands, wrist and forearms. Many users find WAGs very therapeutic for hand abnormalities such as carpal tunnel, repetitive motion, arthritis, and other hand deficiencies. The WAGs are a great way to combine hand therapy and an aerobic workout into one session. With the added burn and added weight, the WAGs can help people doing aerobics burn up to 17% more calories, tone many muscle groups and do therapeutic hand exercises.


The Ultimate Aerobic Gloves come in 2 styles, open palm and partialfinger. Both styles are designed for added comfort and ease of care.The gloves will help people tone various muscle groups in the arm andthrough the core, while burning 7-10% more calories. The partial fingeris usually used for more rapid motion such as cardio kick-boxing, whilethe open palm is designed for more traditional aerobics.

All gloves are easy to use, just throw them on during normal routine and feel the extra burn!