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Benefits of Training with the K-Factor:

Benefits of Training with the K-Factor

  • Maximize the length of your arm circle
  • Strengthen the muscles in your arm to boost your performance
  • Maximize arm speed and add overall speed onto your pitches
  • Strengthen your wrist snap to create better movement on your pitches
  • Develop strong and healthy muscle memory

You'll learn to maximize the length of your arm circle, strengthen yourwrist for better snap and add overall velocity to all of your pitches.Most importantly, will help to develop strong and healthy mechanics through variouspitching drills that will establish healthy muscle memory. We guaranteeit!

Your System Will Include:
  • 1 waist belt
  • 1 wrist strap w/ sweat band for comfort
  • 1 low resistance cord (yellow)
  • 1 medium resistance cord (red)
  • 1 high resistance cord (black)
  • 1 Drills and Demonstration DVD