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Softball Training Products:

Softball Training Products

Product Spotlight: Weighted Agility Gloves - The WAG™

<br>Product Spotlight

The WAGS™(Weighted Agility Gloves) are the only FINGER WEIGHTED gloves in the world designed to enhance finger, hand, wrist and forearm strength, speed, quickness, agility and dexterity.

Use the WAGs for:

  • Fastpitch softball hitting drills
  • Drills for infielders in softball
  • Fastpitch softball drills
  • Fastpitch bat speed
  • Fastpitch throwing drills
  • Fastpitch mechanics and form

The results you will see are:

  • Higher batting average
  • More home runs
  • Faster pitches, more throwing velocity
  • Better movement on pitches
  • Enhance proper form and mechanics
  • Catch tougher grounders

The gloves are now used by 21 of the top 25 D-1 Universities/Colleges.  Bat speed is increased from 5-25% and studies have shown the gloves do not change the path of the bat, so mechanics of the swing are enhanced, not compromised.

This product is the ultimate training aid for bat speed and bat control through the zone.  There are over 30 drills designed to increase strength up to 40% and speed up to 20% in the sport specific motion.  For fielding, the gloves aid in quicker hands to effectively field the tough grounder and turn the double play.  Controlled throwing drills are done with the removable weights on the back of the hand removed (please see special guidelines for over-head throwing) which has increased velocity in pitchers significantly under proper supervision.  Softball pitchers can use the gloves to enhance all form of wrist action and ball control. The 6-in-1 DVD is a video sold with over 30 drills demonstrated.

It is our mission to produce products that will improve an athlete'soverall performance and give those who suffer from chronicpain/injuries a better quality of life. We stand behind our productsand if you are not satisfied with them we will offer a 100% refund.

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Colorado Rockies uses the WAGs:

Colorado Rockies uses the WAGs

See  how the Colorado Rockies use the WAGs to prevent injuries.Click on the PDF to read the full article.



"The Weighted Agility Gloves™ have made my players much smoother and quicker through the strike zone. After using the gloves extensively, I have found their swing pattern more fluid and the players have commented they feel stronger and get through the strike zone much more at ease. There is no doubt the focus on the hands for fielding drills and controlled throwing motions have enhanced our skills."
-Clint Myers, Head Softball Coach, Arizona State University, 2008 Champions.


"These are great for bat speed development and we have incorporated these gloves into our hitting and throwing drills."
  - Lori Meyer, Head Softball Coach, Minnesota State University (Mankato.) Lori has 632 wins, 14th most in Div II history among active coaches


"The Weighted Agility Gloves are a great way to have your hitters swing their own personal bat and still continue to have bat control. I love how the WAG™ have built hand strength, forearm strength, and give our hitters the true feeling of hitting through the ball. The WAGS™ have truly helped build our bat speed."
-Tim Walton. Head Softball coach. University of Florida.


"Hannah's season was really the tale of two seasons. If you go into MaxPreps, you can really see it. We came down to practice with you, and bought the gloves right before an 0-5 performance against Eastbay, though it was against Kayla Cox, Hillsborough County Player of the Year. Hannah struggled through the next game as well, then the gloves started to work. her hands were quicker to the ball and with more pop. Gone were the soft liners and little floating fly balls. her hits were now rockets through the gaps and over the outfield. Before Hannah started using the gloves, she was batting .286 (10 for 35) and only hit singles. After she began to work out with the gloves, she hit .530 (26 for 49) with a slugging percentage of .796."
-Troy Hensley. Hannah Hensley's Father.